Fri and Sat 8pm Sun 2 pm
5325 Engle Road, #110 Carmichael, CA 95608
In the La Sierra Community Center
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Auditions:  The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams
Director: Warren Harrison/ Asst. Director Barret Chew
Auditions will be held on Saturday afternoon Aug. 13 at 2 pm
And Sunday August 14 at 7 pm.
At Chautauqua Playhouse, 5325 Engle Rd. in the La Sierra Comm. Ctr., Carmichael 95608
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.
Rehearsals are scheduled to start September 6th from 7-9:30 pm
Show opens on October 14 and plays Fridays and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons through November 13.
All parts are open.  We welcome actors of all ethnicities to audition.
(Ages are a guide to appearance, not your actual age)
Amanda Wingfield (mid-40s to early 60s)
The mother whose husband deserted her years ago leaving her with a son and daughter to raise. She lives partially in the world of her youth and her gentlemen callers in order to escape the brutalities of today's world.
Tom Wingfield (20s-30s)
Her son who is employed in a shoe warehouse in order to support the family. He is a poet by nature and feels that his environment is destroying his creative abilities.
Laura Wingfield (18 to late 20’s)
The daughter who is slightly crippled. She has retreated from this world and lives in a world of old phonograph records and little glass animals.
Jim O'Connor (20s to 30) – Note: Appears only in Act II
The "emissary" from the world of reality. He is the average or ordinary young man who brings a touch of the common world into the Wingfield world of dreams.
Note: All of the parts have a heavy line load.  If cast, actors are expected to have lines memorized by September 28th. There are several websites that contain the script – search “Glass Menagerie Script”.
From her cramped St. Louis apartment, Amanda Wingfield dreams of her days as a Southern debutante while worrying about the future of her aimless son Tom and unmarried daughter Laura. With their father absent and the Great Depression in motion, the siblings find comfort in their foibles — alcohol, movies and writing for Tom and a collection of glass animals for Laura — which only heightens Amanda’s anxiety. When a gentleman caller arrives for dinner, the Wingfield’s are flooded with hope. But it’s unclear if his presence will change things for the better or shatter their fragile illusions. An American classic.
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