Fri and Sat 8pm Sun 2 pm
5325 Engle Road, #110 Carmichael, CA 95608
In the La Sierra Community Center
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CHAUTAUQUA PLAYHOUSE announces auditions for two upcoming shows DEAD LOCKED! and ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN MOTHER GOOSE LAND to be held on January 24th (Monday) starting at 7:00 pm at the Playhouse.
DEAD LOCKED ! – a new thriller by Rodger Hoopman, directed by Warren Harrison. The show has parts for all age groups (except children).
Here’s a new take on the “locked room” mystery! We’re in an empty theatre awaiting the arrival of the cast for a mysterious engagement - actors, cast without an audition, have been summoned for a mysterious new project. Why these actors? Why this theatre? Why have they been locked in? The director disappears before their very eyes! It seems they are in danger, but from whom? Is it one of them? There are twists and turns galore and more than a little blood and gore in the world premiere of this theatrical thriller from Chautauqua producer Rodger Hoopman.
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.
Orion, the director (Precast)
Brenda – the stage manager (20’s)
Jeff – the security guard (40’s-50’s)
Nate – A security guard trainee (20’s)
Gwen – an actress/barista (20’s)
Ferguson Randall-Jones – An actor (20’s)
Gregor Moskovich – An actor (early 60’s)
Lily – an actress, (late 50’s)
Ages are approximate and may be cast younger or older than stated.
Rehearsals are set to start on or about January 27th. The show opens a five week run on March 11.
Please bring a resume and headshot to the auditions.
ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN MOTHER GOOSE LAND – a new children’s play by Robert Michaels.  Directed by Barret Chew.
Alice takes another journey, not to Wonderland, but to the place where Mother Goose rules over her storybook characters.  Meet Jack and Jill, Peter Piper, Bo Peep and Old King Cole and other beloved characters as they tell their stories in rhyme and drama.
Parts: (auditions will consist of cold readings from the script)
Lewis Carroll
Mother Goose
Old King Cole
Queen of Hearts
Peter Piper
Actor may play more than one roll.
Rehearsals will begin in early February. Show opens a three week run on March 19.
No appointment necessary.
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