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Sept. 2 at 7 pm

Chautauqua director Diane Bartlett will be holding one night of auditions for William Inge’s BUS STOP, on the evening of September 2 at 7 pm.  Please come prepared for cold reading from the script and bring your resume and headshot.

Parts available are:
  *  Grace – Owner of the diner, she is fortyish, and pretty in a fading, hard-bitten way. She has a passionate side to her nature, loving a good fight and the attentions of a good man.
  *  Elma Duckworth – An intelligent, but naive and impressionable high school girl. She is Grace's waitress.
  *  Will Masters – The local sheriff. Tough as nails and brusque in manner, but goodhearted and a staunch Christian, described as a "deacon of his church". A highly "moral" man in the general sense of the word.
  *  Dr. Gerald Lyman – This role has been precast

  *  Cherie – A pretty young woman who comes from a difficult "hill folk" background, and has left her innocence far behind. She is an aspiring nightclub singer, but has never worked in any establishment above the level of "cheap dive".
  *  Bo Decker – A brash young cowboy with boorish manners that hide a naiveté almost as profound as Elma's. He has convinced himself that Cherie will be his bride, though Cherie wants nothing to do with him.
  *  Virgil Blessing – An older, wiser cowboy who has become a father figure to Bo (who was orphaned at the age of ten) as well as Bo's head ranch hand.
  *  Carl – The bus driver, who has an ongoing "just passing through" relationship with Grace. As referenced repeatedly, this is purely sexual in nature.


Auditions will be held at Chautauqua Playhouse.